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Best blackjack strategy k o

best blackjack strategy k o

The purpose is simply to evaluate the play slot machine online 777 potential profitability of applying a system to a game assuming a given level of riskone way of dealing with the best card counting system comparisons.
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A Hi-Lo player who is using more indices for the common playing variations that occur both at negative counts and at higher positive counts would actually expect a performance level closer to the Advanced Omega II system (which Auston simmed with a full set.
If I was spreading from 1-2-4-8 units in a 6-deck game, one system might perform best by raising bets at 1, 2, 4, and 5; while anothers optimal betting scheme would raise at 2, 4, 5 and 6; while yet another might perform best.(Note: The table format and colors are a blatant rip-off slot hill free machine of Ken Smith's BS engine.) html Microsoft Word Rich Text Format.Below, you will find all of the Red Seven risk-adjusted data that John Auston produced for this study.This strategy performs nearly identically.John Auston used the approach that has recently become commonly known as score to compare the Red Seven (Red 7 Hi-Lo, and KO count systems.Again, I want to emphasize that Hi-Lo is being severely penalized in the hand-held games in the charts below by using the Illustrious.Note that with.5 decks dealt (75 Red Seven is the strongest performer.Casinos have no problems with BS charts.I may even have read about the technique in one of Wongs newsletters many years ago, or possibly in one of the earlier versions of Wongs Professional Blackjack.And of course, you can use this count in a single deck game, too.However, they are still all.
You dont have to figure out the true count, so theres no need for complicated math.So, the authors, very logically, set up their sims so that KO was placing its high bets precisely at this point.However, that goes against the one index theme of reko.Red Seven is stronger in both the six deck and eight deck, where Hi-Lo and KO are slightly weaker.Red Seven and KO simply do not have a playing accuracy level comparable to Hi-Lo outside the limited Illustrious 18 range.Heres where Vancura and Fuchs went wrong.I knew that Red Seven performed close better slot machine bar to Hi-Lo in shoe games, and did occasionally outperform it, but never in single deck.KOs playing and betting accuracy do not optimize until a 2 raise in the player advantage has occurred, and Hi-Lo suffers from not counting the sevens, which raises the Red Sevens betting correlation (BC) and playing efficiency (PE) enough at its pivot point to justify.Note that Omega II is in a class by itself, solidly trouncing the level one systems results in all games, as expected.